Small Business Circle

Three images, one of storefronts, another of an open sign, and a picture of a woman smiling


One pledge at $ 365 dollars to represent a dollar a day of giving and......

  1. Receive company name and recognition on our United Way's website/social media outlets
  2. Display the United Way decal to show your commitment to our community
  3. Know your gift will make an impact right here where your business grows

Help our Small Business Circle reach those in need!

This is a simple and affordable program for giving back and meeting your business philanthropic goals. Donating a dollar a day or 365 a year supports programs that focus on rehabilitation, meeting basic needs, and providing scholarships to our local community. 


We support several non-profit programs that provide services right here because of local donations from individuals, and business in the community. United Way's goals are always to stay local and serve local. Without local investment, we can't sustain much needed services that help the 17.9% of the county's population that is in poverty.

There are over 15 non-profit programs that receive year-long funding from our United Way. They cover a wide range of needs and are annually reviewed by our own volunteers. Everything from a soup kitchen to disaster relief. A full list can be found right HERE.

It is easy!

With one pledge of $ 365 you automatically join. Contact United Way at 770-229-4212 or to get started.

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