Community Partners

Our Campaign Season is when we raise the funds that will support the nonprofits we work with for the next year. To do that we work with many community partners to support our local county. Every year we are able to raise over $250,000 dollars for the nonprofits in our community. We are able to do that with the help of amazing people who donate to our goal. With every pledge there is a commitment to continue to provide for those that found themselves in need of help. As this past year has taught us, life is not predictable and we need to reach out more than ever. We have been blessed by you all and have been able to support our fellow nonprofits during those past months because of you. We look forward to another year of fighting for, inspiring hope, and continuing to be an anchor in uncertain times.

Below are companies that have given us unwavering support over many years. We would not be able to provide the level of commitment that we do for local non-profits without them.