While we have limited services for individuals, the funding we receive goes to the nonprofits and they provide the services. We still take hundreds of calls a year and direct those looking for assistance to those in the community that may be able to assist. 

We have a group of volunteers in our local community that comprise the Board of Directors. These individuals know Griffin and Spalding County and its needs because they work here or live here. The Board of Directors set priorities for allocations and directs the overall budget for the organization. They give unselfishly of their time and finances and believe in the agencies that United Way helps to support.

Here is our current Board members

The basis of United Way is to support the local nonprofit organizations in the area. We help raise funds so they can focus on the one important task of serving the need. By donating to United Way, you know that we partner with actual nonprofits that work right here in your town. We make sure these organizations are sustainable, and creating an impact. When they become a partner agency they know they have certain amount of reliable, consistent funding for that year. We strive to give both our contributors and our partner agencies a sense of overall confidence

Currently there are 13 non-profits that we support in the county. A full list of who they are and what they do can be found Here.