Square Foot Ministrys


Square Foot Ministry is a construction-based non-profit organization that engages in “Neighborhood Transformation” by building homes in challenged neighborhoods and providing home ownership opportunities for lower income, working families. We build safe, healthy homes utilizing community volunteers and donors, and screen and select low-income families to become true mortgage and tax paying home owners. Square Foot Ministry offers a low down payment and zero-interest mortgage which allows working families an opportunity that they would otherwise not have through the traditional home buying process. 

Currently Square Foot Ministry is focused on home building in the Fairmont community of Griffin. As of January 1, 2022, there are 16 new Square Foot Ministry homes and home owner families in Fairmont with 1-2 planned each year for the next several years. This building uplifts the entire neighborhood and community, and provides pride in ownership which can help break what is often a multi-generational cycle of poverty for our selected home owners.