Why We Live United

Our Mission

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.

How We Do This

We create connections in our community. Those that can help with those that need it. We currently work with 18 local nonprofits here in Griffin-Spalding County. Ranging from food pantries to youth programs, these organizations are making a difference. Each year any nonprofits that wishes to receive funding from United Way goes through an application process to verify their stability and functionality in the community.  This process also includes community volunteers who visit each agency and review their process and facilities.
United Way also works with the Griffin-Spalding County businesses who want to make sure their donations get to a dependable nonprofit that works with those that they want to help. By funneling the resources available we are able to provide security to giving donors and reliability to the nonprofits we serve.

Why We Do This

 This is no simple task, but it is one dearly needed. The issues that plague every community must be addressed, and we have to fight for those that aren’t able, too young, or don’t know how. We can’t solve it one day, or one year, but maybe together we can make a difference for some. By strengthening the weakest in Griffin-Spalding community we can only make our city stronger.