What is a Pacesetter

   Setting the Pace for our Community

These are local community companies that agree to start their campaign early and pledge a certain amount of funds to be raised for the campaign. We currently partner with 9 businesses that work together to raise over $200,000 each year for our Griffin-Spalding County United Way. With their jump start we are able to have a great foundation for the community campaign as we work with other businesses and individuals to meet our goal each year.

To ensure a successful Pacesetter campaign Griffin-Spalding County United Way works closely with each business to help support and promote the campaign. Individually each business has their own internal kick-off event with their staff, in which Griffin-Spalding County United Way Partner Agencies (the nonprofits United Way supports) come to speak about the community needed services they provided with the funds received through United Way. We have our United Way staff and multiple volunteers here to help with questions, ideas, or challenges that may occur.

We all have the same goal: to help our community grow. So we have an opportunity to work together and make that happen. We have 18 nonprofit organizations that are able to provide more and better services because of the funds they receive through these campaigns. To be involved as a Pacesetter with United Way shows you are serious about making a difference in Griffin-Spalding County.

 Our current Pacesetters for 2020