Campaign 2021

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in the strength of the community. From small business, industrial, home grown, or world-wide, our city’s community have shown they care about making a difference. With the help of you and everyone in Griffin-Spalding County we have the chance to enable the 13 local nonprofits we work with to ensure better quality service and reach even more lives. 
So we invite you to join our mission. We can walk you through a step-by-step plan of how to become involved and what is the best fit for your company or how to donate as an individual. Sometimes not everyone knows that they can donate or how simple the process is, but there are multiple opportunities to give including straightforward company donations or an engaging employee giving campaign. So we encourage you to take this chance to do something more!

Are you a company wanting to get involved?

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Are you an individual wanting to make a donation?

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