Pacesetter Campaign

Each year, the Griffin-Spalding County United Way has a small group of companies to help “set the pace” of the upcoming campaign.  The success of United Way in our community is crucial as we continue to help provide unmet needs.
Pacesetter organizations receive the following benefits:
» Pacesetter organizations are featured on the United Way website.
» Pacesetter organizations are featured in our e-Newsletter.
» Pacesetter organizations receive special recognition at the Campaign Kickoff.
By partnering with the Griffin-Spalding County United Way, Pacesetter campaigns increase the opportunity for employee education of United Way and community education of your organization. Employees are proud to be chosen as part of a special effort. Pacesetter campaigns spark enthusiasm throughout your organization.
Pacesetter organizations benefit from additional volunteer and staff support which include:
» Assist in scheduling a speaker at your Pacesetter Campaign Kickoff.
» Assist in campaign planning.
» Assist in fundraising.
» Be readily available to you and your campaign committee.
» Provide campaign materials.
» Be present at any and all Pacesetter events.
» Provide support throughout the entire campaign.
We invite you to be a part of this exciting campaign. Together, united, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.  
We would like to thank the following companies

2019 Pacesetter United Way Pacesetters